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Mr Green’s vision is to be a significant global operator, and to shape the future of the online gaming industry. One of the ways we want to achieve this vision is by developing the next wave of online gaming. Mr Green’s Live-Beyond-Live is an immersive, realistic virtual studio experience, where we have removed the physical constraints for a unique larger than life online casino experience.

Key features

Live-Beyond-Live is an exciting new way of playing traditional casino table games online. The virtual casino floor of Mr Green’s Live-Beyond-Live consists of a four-table area with two roulette tables and two blackjack tables. You will see people (including Mr Green himself) moving around on the floor, helicopters and airplanes flying by outside the windows, and other players betting and winning at the other tables in the background. Within this environment you can move between the tables and play.

Unique 3D-environment with embedded live stream
Multi-table experience on a virtual casino floor
Jump to different tables within the game
Play from a different view of the MRG L.A penthouse
See other tables in the casino
See other players on other tables in the background
See people winning on other tables in the background
Active environment with people and objects moving around in it

How Live-Beyond-Live differs from the old version

Live-Beyond-Live is more realistic and immersive online casino experience. You enter a virtual casino environment, where you are surrounded by people that are moving around on the floor, other players betting live at the tables, and objects such as airplanes and helicopters moving outside the windows of the penthouse.

Presently, Live Beyond Live is only available to play on your mobile.




How to use Live-Beyond-Live

Using Live-Beyond-Live is straightforward. Once you are in the environment, simply click on the table you wish to play at. If you want to play at another table, just click on the table of your choice and you will be taken there. Alternatively, use the mini map (floor plan), which shows dealers and table information, to navigate around the room. You will find the mini map on the lower left side of the screen. After moving table, you will see the room from a different angle and the table will have a different background. At a table, scroll down to view the felt and place a bet. You can play in both portrait and landscape mode. Choose a chip value from the toolbar and tap to place a bet. Remember to place your bets while the timer is green. It will start to blink before the time is up and it turns red.